CryptoBashō is a generative collectable series of In Profile-Picture (PFP) NFTs for the Cardanians. They feature a manga character inspired by Matsuo Bashō, a real historical figure born to a family of samurai descent. He was known as the supreme Japanese haiku poet with his wonderful and efficient poetry. The first series will feature 1,644 CryptoBashōs living on Cardano in eternity.

CryptoBashō NFT collection was designed and co-created by Abdelbaki kouba (artist), Achari Baya Imene (artist), and Eduardo Yeh (producer) with the purpose to:
1. Support the two manga-inspired artists from Algeria;
2. Further the CryptoAnime infrastructure development;
3. Serve as membership ID into CryptoAnime DAO;
4. Recognize and celebrate the next phase in the Cardano network upgrade, and
5. Make a contribution to the treasury of a high-profile independent anime film project currently in development, entitling holders of at least one CryptoBashō NFT to participate in the project when revealed.

All of the above exclusively for the Cardano NFT community.

This collection is available in the soft launched NFT marketplace FIBO by EMURGO.

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Achari Baya Imene is the artist and colorist of this series, a 21 years old artist and a freelancer, in the process of becoming a character designer, a concept artist, and a mangaka. Art has always been a huge part of my identity, and improving it is an adventure. NFTs changed the art world, it gave artists around the world the chance to show their art in a unique and new way, and I want to put my art out there and take this opportunity.

Eduardo Yeh is the co-creator and producer of this series, founding member of CryptoAnime and multicultural entrepreneur in media and technology with the mission to expand the anime/manga workforce to other regions outside Japan while bringing innovations in how artists are supported and rewarded for their skills, hard work and creations.

Donald Guarisco is a writer and filmmaker. His film and music writing has appeared in All Music Guide, All Movie Guide and DVD Delirium as well as his long-running website, His work explores the barrier between reality and fantasy as well as technology's impact on modern life. He brings his experience in creating and honing narratives to assist the team in telling their story of bridging the gap between psychology and technology.

Thank you!

Our plan is to actively engage our community to co-develop exciting and unique ideas for NFTs that have meaning and utility in the context of CryptoAnime's vision.